6 Reasons To Get an Attorney Before Contacting Insurance After an Accident

When you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you deserve compensation to help you recover from your losses. While the first thought after the accident is usually contacting the insurance company, the first person to call should be an attorney.

Insurance agents are cunning, and your car accident attorney can help you do everything right from the beginning to maximize your compensation. Here are six reasons to get an attorney before contacting insurance after an accident:

1. Get Help Gathering Evidence

After an accident, you must document any evidence available to build a strong case. Especially if it’s your first time getting involved in an accident, you may not know which evidence to collect. Your car accident attorney can advise you on which evidence to gather.

That includes accident photos and videos from different angles, witness statements, witness contact details, medical records, physical evidence, and police reports. Depending on the lawyer’s availability, they may also go to the scene to help you collect the necessary evidence.

They will then use that information to build a solid case that increases the chances of a favorable outcome.

2. Avoid the Insurance Company Shifting the Fault

Insurance companies are notorious for employing multiple tactics to deny your claim. The company may try to pin the fault on you, saying that you were responsible for the accident. If you’re inexperienced in these matters, they may try to take advantage of that and deny you compensation.

Your car accident attorney can help protect your rights if the accident was due to someone else’s recklessness. The lawyer will use the gathered evidence to prove negligence on the other party involved and turn things in your favor.

3. Get Assistance With a Complex Accident

Some car accidents are not clear on the party responsible, which is common in accidents involving multiple vehicles. Sometimes there are several liable parties, and they must all be held accountable.

You may be suing a driver for negligence, but the road maintenance company may have played a part in the accident by creating bad conditions.

A vehicle maintenance company may also have played a part by performing poor repair work. A qualified lawyer can help identify all liable parties.

4. Avoid Tricky Questions That Could Jeopardize Your Case

When you contact insurance, they’ll ask you various questions to determine the situation’s specifics. They will ask how the accident happened and who you believe is liable. You may mistakenly accept wrongdoing, and the insurance company can use that as a basis to deny your claim.

The insurance agent may also ask how you’re feeling, and if you respond by saying you’re okay, the agent will record that statement and use it to claim you don’t have injuries. An experienced car accident lawyer will help you avoid this manipulation that could risk your claim.

5. Avoid Accepting a Low Settlement Offer

The first settlement you get from an insurance company is usually low. They lowball you hoping you’ll accept it, and they don’t have to pay out a large sum. No matter how much faster you want to move on with your life, accepting a low offer could mean paying out of pocket for long-term losses.

What you think is an adequate amount may not be enough. A car accident attorney evaluates both short-term and long-term consequences of the accident. They then negotiate the maximum possible remuneration to cover future medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other losses.

6. Get Experienced Legal Representation

While experiencing pain and suffering from injuries, you need someone to handle the legal aspects of your claim. An attorney understands various laws applicable to your accident, and they use their experience to fight for your most favorable outcome.

A lawyer acts in your best interests to negotiate the maximum possible settlement to help you recover. If the insurance company isn’t willing to increase their offer, they will prepare the necessary legal documents and fight for you in court.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

You need guidance after an accident to understand what to do and things to avoid. An insurance company is not your friend; they are a business and will do everything possible to deny or reduce your compensation. A car accident lawyer represents your best interests and fights for a desirable outcome. Contact a qualified lawyer to discuss your situation.

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