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Hanne Norgaard – Embracing Diversity, Empowering Minds!

Hanne Norgaard’s makeup tutorials helped me embrace my natural beauty and boosted my confidence.

Hanne Norgaard is a British-American makeup artist, businesswoman, and mental health advocate known for her diverse heritage, successful career in the beauty industry, and candidness about her struggles with mental health.

Discover the inspiring journey of Hanne Norgaard, a makeup artist, entrepreneur, and advocate for mental health awareness.

Who Is Hanne Norgaard? Start Reading Now!

Hanne Norgaard is a talented makeup artist and businesswoman who has become famous for her work in the beauty industry. She’s from a mix of different backgrounds, which makes her story interesting. 

Besides her skills with makeup, she’s also known for speaking openly about her mental health challenges, which has helped a lot of people feel like they’re not alone. Hanne’s story is inspiring because she didn’t let anything stop her from pursuing her dreams, even when things got tough.

Despite facing struggles in her personal life, like her divorce from actor Idris Elba, Hanne stayed determined and launched her own cosmetics brand called ‘Kim Elba Cosmetics’.

She’s not just about makeup, though; she’s also passionate about helping others and spreading awareness about mental health issues. Hanne’s journey teaches us that it’s okay to talk about our problems and that we can still achieve great things even when life throws us curveballs.

What Is Hanne Norgaard’s Background? – Ready To Be Inspired!

What Is Hanne Norgaard's Background? – Ready To Be Inspired!
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Hanne Norgaard’s background is a mix of different places and cultures. She was born in the United Kingdom to a mom from South Korea and a dad from Africa. Growing up, her family moved around a lot, living in countries like South Korea, Britain, and the USA. 

This gave her a lot of different experiences and made her uniquely see the world. Even though she faced some tough times, Hanne’s diverse background helped her become the successful makeup artist and businesswoman she is today.

Hanne’s journey shows that where you come from doesn’t have to hold you back. Instead, it can be something that makes you stronger. Her multicultural upbringing taught her to embrace diversity and chase her dreams, no matter what.

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Hanne Norgaard Profile Summary:

Full NameHanne Kim Norgaard
BirthdateApril 5, 1977
ProfessionMakeup artist, businesswoman, writer
Known forCareer in the beauty industry, mental health advocacy
EducationSC Institute (2004-2006), International Makeup Academy (Europe)
SpouseAndrew L. Friar II (Pastor), Idris Elba (1999–2003)
Children1 (Isan Elba)
Net WorthEstimated $900,000

When Did Hanne Norgaard Begin Her Career? Get Involved!

When Did Hanne Norgaard Begin Her Career? Get Involved!
source: briefly

Hanne Norgaard started her career in makeup artistry after she finished learning about it at the SC Institute in Washington, DC, from 2004 to 2006. She worked hard and got top awards for being very good at it. 

Then, she went to the International Makeup Academy in Europe to learn even more about makeup, hair, nails, and special effects. 

These were important years for her because they helped her become the successful makeup artist, businesswoman, and writer she is today.

After finishing her studies, Hanne Norgaard jumped into the beauty industry with a lot of enthusiasm. She used her skills to work on different projects, like movies and TV shows, where she did makeup for the actors. 

This was just the beginning of her career, but it laid a strong foundation for everything else she would do in the beauty world.

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Why Is Hanne Norgaard Famous? Join The Movement

  • Hanne Norgaard is famous for her career as a makeup artist, where she has worked on various high-profile projects in the beauty industry.
  • She gained public attention for her marriage to actor Idris Elba, which brought her into the spotlight of celebrity culture.
  • Hanne Norgaard is also known for her advocacy for mental health awareness, speaking openly about her struggles with depression, bipolar disorder, and chronic anxiety.
  • She is recognized for her multicultural background, being of African-Asian heritage, which adds depth to her identity and perspective.
  • Hanne Norgaard’s entrepreneurial endeavours, including the launch of her cosmetics brand “Kim Elba Cosmetics,” have also contributed to her fame in the beauty business.

How Did Hanne Norgaard Overcome Challenges? 

Hanne Norgaard demonstrated resilience by persevering through personal challenges, such as her divorce from actor Idris Elba in 2003. Despite setbacks, she bounced back with determination, launching her own beauty initiatives like ‘Make Up Your Mind’ and ‘Kim Elba Cosmetics.’

Hanne Norgaard embraced her experiences with mental health issues and spoke openly about them, helping to reduce stigma and empower others facing similar struggles. She sought support from her family, friends, and community, recognizing the importance of having a strong support network during difficult times.

Hanne Norgaard remained focused on her goals and passions, using her creativity and drive to navigate obstacles and emerge stronger from adversity.

Where Is Hanne Norgaard Now? – Don’t Miss Out!

Where Is Hanne Norgaard Now? – Don't Miss Out!
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Hanne Norgaard is currently continuing her work in the beauty industry and remains actively involved in mental health advocacy. She is dedicated to running her cosmetics brand, “Kim Elba Cosmetics,” which focuses on providing cruelty-free and environmentally friendly products. 

Additionally, Hanne is committed to spreading awareness about mental health issues and promoting empathy and support for those struggling with similar challenges. In her personal life, Hanne Norgaard co-runs the ‘Heart Strong Ministry’ in Georgia with her husband, Pastor Andrew L. Friar II. 

Together, they guide people towards making “heart decisions” aligned with their faith and values. Despite her success and notoriety, Hanne stays grounded in her family and faith, embodying resilience, compassion, and authenticity in all aspects of her life.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Hanne Norgaard’s net worth?

While Hanne Norgaard’s exact net worth is not publicly disclosed, it is estimated to be around $900,000.

2. Who is Hanne Norgaard’s ex-husband?

Hanne Norgaard was previously married to actor Idris Elba from 1999 to 2003.

3. What is Hanne Norgaard’s cosmetics brand called?

Hanne Norgaard’s cosmetics brand is called “Kim Elba Cosmetics,” which offers cruelty-free and environmentally friendly products.

4. What is Hanne Norgaard’s educational background?

Hanne Norgaard honed her makeup artistry skills at the SC Institute in Washington, DC, from 2004 to 2006, and furthered her education at the International Makeup Academy in Europe.


Hanne Norgaard is a strong and creative woman. She’s known for her makeup skills and for being honest about her struggles. Even though she faced tough times, like her divorce, she kept going. Now, she runs her makeup brand and helps people understand mental health better.

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