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Majid Jordan Good People Dbree – Feel the Vibes!

In R&B music, Majid Jordan has a cool vibe, always getting people hooked with their smooth singing and creative tunes. When I discovered their new album, “Good People,” it felt like a personal connection, making their musical brilliance easy to enjoy and accessible in a simple and relatable way.

Majid Jordan’s latest album, “Good People,” is now available on DBRE, showcasing their unique R&B style. With smooth vocals and accessible tunes, the album on DBRE brings a user-friendly experience for music lovers to enjoy the dynamic sounds of Majid Jordan.

In this article, we’ll delve into Majid Jordan’s new album, “Good People,” and explore the cool music and interesting things that make their style special. Come with us as we find out how their collaboration with DBRE adds to the fun of enjoying their songs.

Who Is Majid Jordan? – Explore The R&B Magic!

Who Is Majid Jordan?
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Majid Jordan is a Canadian R&B duo renowned for their soulful sound, comprised of vocalist Majid Al Maskati and producer Jordan Ullman.

Born on October 22, 1990, in Bahrain, Majid Al Maskati joined forces with Toronto native Jordan Ullman in 2011 after an auspicious meeting at Majid’s birthday celebration.

Both students at the University of Toronto, swiftly commenced their musical journey, releasing their first single, “Hold Tight,” in just one day on SoundCloud. The duo, initially under the alias Good People, crafted their debut EP, “Afterhours,” in Ullman’s dorm room and his parents’ basement.

Majid Jordan’s Career – Explore Musical Journey!

Majid Jordan’s musical journey began when Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman met at the University of Toronto, bonding over a shared passion for music. They formed the duo in 2011, initially going by the name Good People.

Their breakthrough came in 2013 with the collaboration with Drake on “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” which became a chart-topping success. Signing to Drake’s OVO Sound label, they released the EP “A Place Like This” in 2014, showcasing their distinctive blend of R&B and electronic elements.

The duo’s self-titled debut album arrived in 2016, featuring tracks like “Her” and “Something About You.” They continued to evolve their sound with subsequent releases, including the albums “The Space Between” (2017) and “Wildest Dreams” (2020).

Majid Jordan’s music is characterized by atmospheric production, soulful vocals, and a unique fusion of genres, contributing to their position as influential figures in the contemporary R&B scene.

Explore Good People – Majid Jordan’s Awesome Album!

Majid Jordan's Awesome Album!
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In Majid Jordan’s latest album, “Good People,” the dynamic R&B duo takes listeners on an incredible musical journey. Each track is a unique piece of art, showcasing their signature smooth vocals and innovative production style.


Tears In Your Eyes LyricsA poignant track that explores emotions through soul-stirring lyrics and smooth melodies.
Waiting For You (Ft. Naomi Sharon) LyricsFeaturing a stunning collaboration with Naomi Sharon, this track is a standout, offering a blend of soulful vocals and captivating rhythms.
Eyes Closed LyricsA musical ballad that invites listeners to close their eyes and immerse themselves in the melodic embrace of Majid Jordan’s signature style.
Hands Tied LyricsWith a restless drum-machine beat and heartfelt vocals, this track ventures into a post-punky atmosphere, showcasing the duo’s versatility.
Slip LyricsA rhythmic and infectious tune that seamlessly weaves together electronic elements and soulful vocals, creating a danceable yet soul-stirring experience.
Violet LyricsThe longest song in Majid Jordan’s discography, “Violet” takes listeners on a dreamy and hypnotic R&B odyssey, submerging into an oceanic abyss.
The Message LyricsA beautifully understated guitar-based track that peels back production layers, emphasizing the emotional depth and commitment to heartfelt songcraft.
Cyanide LyricsAnother guitar-based gem, “Cyanide” continues to uplift the emotional ante, showcasing Majid Jordan’s ability to craft compelling devotionals.
Sunset LyricsBringing the album to a fitting conclusion, “Sunset” adds a touch of closure, leaving listeners with a sense of fulfillment after a musical journey.

1. Cyanide Lyrics:

  • Another guitar-based gem, “Cyanide” continues to uplift the emotional ante, showcasing Majid Jordan’s ability to craft compelling devotionals.

2. Sunset Lyrics:

  • Bringing the album to a fitting conclusion, “Sunset” adds a touch of closure, leaving listeners with a sense of fulfillment after a musical journey.

“Good People” not only reinforces Majid Jordan’s commitment to soulful songcraft but also showcases their willingness to explore diverse musical landscapes. Each song adds a layer to the album’s rich tapestry, making it a must-listen for fans of contemporary R&B.

The Impact Of Good People On Majid Jordan’s Success – Don’t Miss Out!

Good People played a big part in making Majid Jordan famous. This album, with its catchy beats and sincere words, touched the hearts of people all around the world. It showed that Majid Jordan was growing and getting more mature, focusing on positive and grown-up love.

They recorded it in both Toronto and Bahrain, adding sounds that reminded them of their roots, making people feel nostalgic and happy. The success of “Good People” was a turning point, proving Majid Jordan was a unique and special music duo.

The song became even more popular on platforms like Dbree, connecting them closely with their fans. “Good People” is a clear example of how Majid Jordan’s music is amazing and how it changed their journey for the better.

Dbree – Your Gateway to Musical Exploration!

Dbree stands as an innovative platform, offering users a seamless gateway to explore and enjoy a world of music. As a hub for sharing and discovering musical gems, Dbree provides a user-friendly space for artists and music enthusiasts alike.

It acts as a bridge between creators, like the talented duo Majid Jordan, and their audience, allowing for direct connections. This platform simplifies the process of accessing, listening to, and downloading tracks, making the musical journey effortless.’

For Majid Jordan fans, Dbree becomes the digital stage where the enchanting melodies of songs like “Good People” come alive. It’s more than just a music-sharing platform; Dbree becomes a community where users can engage in the joyous celebration of artistry.

Discovering Good People On Dbree – A Simple Way To Connect!

Discovering Good People On Dbree
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Good People on Dbree offers an easy way to connect with Majid Jordan’s soulful music. Start by visiting the Dbree website or app. Search for “Good People” and click to listen or download.

The platform provides a user-friendly experience, making it simple to explore and enjoy the track.
Share the song with friends or on social media to spread the musical joy.

Engage with Majid Jordan’s community by commenting or participating in discussions. Dbree becomes your gateway to the emotional depth and infectious melody of “Good People.”

With just a few clicks, immerse yourself in the musical world of Majid Jordan, forging a connection that transcends the digital realm.


1. What is the standout collaboration on the album?

The standout collaboration is “Waiting For You” featuring Naomi Sharon, a stunning blend of soulful vocals that adds a unique dimension to the album.

2. How does “Sunset” contribute to the overall experience of the album?

“Sunset” serves as the concluding track, bringing a fitting closure to the album and leaving listeners with a sense of fulfillment after the musical journey.

3. How has the collaboration with Naomi Sharon added a unique touch to the album?

The collaboration with Naomi Sharon in “Waiting For You” brings a fresh and distinct vocal dynamic, enhancing the overall richness of Majid Jordan’s musical tapestry.

4. Can the album be described as a diverse musical journey?

Absolutely! “Good People” is a diverse musical journey that caters to various tastes, offering a seamless fusion of soulful vocals and innovative beats across different tracks.

5. How does Majid Jordan’s unique sound contribute to the contemporary R&B scene?

Majid Jordan’s unique sound, characterized by smooth vocals and innovative production, positions them as a dynamic force in contemporary R&B, resonating with a broad audien


Majid Jordan’s “Good People” on DBREE is a soulful journey, blending emotions and beats seamlessly. With accessible tunes and diverse tracks, it’s a musical gem for everyone to enjoy and cherish.

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