Steps To Install Chain Link Fencing for Security

Chain link fencing offers an affordable and effective way to enhance the security of your property. Chain link fences are durable and easy to install and can be customized to fit different sizes and shapes.

Their customizability allows them to be installed in various settings, including residential and commercial properties. Here are a few steps for installing chain link fences for increased security:

Determine and Gather the Materials

Accurately measure the length of your property’s perimeter. Use these measurements to determine the total number of posts needed. The total perimeter measurement will also determine the length of the chain fence required for the property.

Gather the other materials required to successfully secure the chain fence, including tension bars, tie wires, and top rails. You will also need tools such as a trenching shovel, ratchet wrench set, and hole diggers to install the fence.

Set the Terminal Posts

Dig holes at accurate positions for all the gate, corner, and end posts. Make sure that the diameter of each hole is about three times that of the posts. Keep the depth of each hole to at least one-third the length of each post.

Fill the hole with a few inches of landscaping gravel and pat it down to make it compact. Insert the post into the hole and use a level to set it in an upright position.

If you are using concrete, add the concrete and give it about 24 hours to set. Fill the remaining part of the hole with the dirt you initially dug out when making the hole.

The posts can also be set without concrete. Instead of adding concrete, you will hold the post in position and fill the hole with stones. Using concrete will make the posts and the fence more stable.

Set the Line Posts

Measure and mark the correct positions of the intermediate posts, keeping the spacing between posts even. Maintaining even intervals between posts provides adequate support to your chain link mesh and gives your fence an attractive look. Tie a tight string between the end posts and use it as a reference height for all your intermediate posts. The intermediate posts should be secured into the holes using the same procedure as the terminal posts.

Install Tension Bands and Caps

Fit tension bands to all the posts, maintaining equal intervals of about one foot along the height of the posts. These bands are used to attach the chain link fencing to the posts. Attach one brace band at the top and bottom of each post and secure them using wrenches. Install a cap on each post to protect them from water and corrosion.

Install the Chain Link

Start at one terminal post and unroll the chain link along the length of the fencing line. Lift the chain link and stage it in an upright position along the posts. Hold the chain link on the top rail using loose wire ties. Tighten the chain link by pulling it towards the terminal post. When it is tight enough, cut the extra chain link mesh. Tighten the wire ties on the top rail and fix the mesh to all the posts using the wire ties. Fix the permanent tension bar in position and tighten the nuts and bolts of the tension bands.

Install Your Chain Link Fencing Today

Chain link fencing serves as an effective physical barrier that prevents unauthorized access to your property. These fences can also be customized to provide an attractive look to your property. Contact a fencing professional today to help you install this fence and enhance the security and value of your property.

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